viral game sold on eBay

19th December 2008

(Aldershot, UK) The popular online game which allows players to throw virtual shoes at US president George Bush has been sold in a online auction, just 5 days after it was created. - a pun on the US military term 'shock and awe' - was launched by entrepreneur Alex Tew (best known as the creator of the Million Dollar Homepage), just one day after the now infamous press conference where an Iraqi reporter threw his shoes at Mr Bush.

The site was an instant hit, receiving over 370,000 unique visitors on its first day, and a total of more than 4.3 million unique visitors since it launched on Monday 15th December.

Following a 24 hour listing on the auction website, was sold for £5215 to online publishing company Fubra, better known as the owners of popular consumer sites, and

Fubra has plans to develop the game over the next few days by adding extra features, in addition to monetising the site.

As of 2pm today the site has had more than 1 million unique visitors. As a comparison, the site gets roughly the same amount of traffic as MySpace UK. If all the traffic to was coming from the UK, it would place the site in the top 20 most visited UK websites - an unparalleled achievement in just 5 days.

Brendan McLoughlin, managing director of Fubra said: "Alex is an internet marketing genius. I'm really excited to get a piece of internet history at such a great price. The traffic is just a bonus - it's incredible how it keeps on rising. The investment might even pay for itself by tomorrow."

Tew said: "It's been a very exciting week watching millions of people hurl their virtual shoes at George Bush's face. Fubra will make a great new home for the game, and the money we've made will help fund our new start-up, - a site for sharing funny content which we are launching in the new year."


Louise Doherty
Spokesperson - part of