Farewell Bush! Throw a shoe to win $1000

19th January 2009

(Aldershot, UK) The popular online game which allows players to throw virtual shoes at US president George Bush is offering a cash prize to the person who throws the 100 millionth shoe at the US president to mark him leaving the White House.

SockandAwe.com, which received over 6 million unique visitors its first week and is the brain child of the Million Dollar Homepage creator Alex Tew, was bought by UK web publishing company Fubra for £5215 in an online auction just 5 days after it was created.

The site is now offering $1000 dollars, or equivalent in any currency, to the person who throws the 100,000,000th shoe - around 80 million have been thrown to date.

The winner will be announced on the site when the target figure is reached, and invited to send in a video or a picture of them which will be displayed on the site.

In addition to the competition, SockandAwe.com has announced it will be releasing new levels with extra world leaders and additional throwable objects on January 21st

The 3 new levels will allow anyone to pelt UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown with wads of cash, French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy with kickers, and US Vice President Dick Cheney with rubber ducks.

The new levels were chosen from more than 1000 suggestions emailed in by visitors to SockandAwe.com.

Brendan McLoughlin, managing director of Fubra said: "The shoe-throwing incident is part of George Bush's legacy whether he likes it or not. What better way to say farewell than SockandAwe.com?"


Louise Doherty

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